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Ethereum Faucets and Ethereum Faucet List

Faucetpay Faucet List

Faucetpay Faucet List is a collection of the highest paying cryptocurrency faucets available today. Cryptocurrency faucets gives away free cryptocurrency. Members only need to click the CLAIM botton and enter their wallet address then visit the shortlink to claim.


Register an faucetpay account - Get it Here.

How To Start Claiming Cryptocurrencies

After you register to faucetpay log in to your account. Click the botton Link Addresses to link your wallet address. If you don't have any cryptocurency wallet you can choose Here.

faucetpay faucet list link addresses

Enter you wallet address in the space provided and click the link botton. You will need a bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and dogecoin wallet address. The addresses that you link to your account will be use to log in to faucetpay faucet sites.

faucetpay faucet list link addresses

Click the CLAIM botton on the list and enter your wallet address to log in to any faucetpay faucet site. If your going to collect bitcoin you will need to use the bitcoin address you used in link addresses.

how to earn cryptocurrency earn free crypto autofaucet list

Your earning from collecting coins from faucetpay faucets will be instanly be paid from your faucetpay account. You only need to go to your account dashboard to check your payments.

Note: Some sites requires members to manually wothdraw their earnings.

faucetpay faucet list earnings

Withdraw Your Earnings

If you reach the withdrawal threshold and want to withdraw you earnings. You only need to click the withdraw botton located at the left sidebar and click the withdraw botton.

faucetpay faucet list withdrawal

To earn more from these faucets invite your friends or family to join using your referral link. You can also share your referral link to social media to get more referrals.