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Coinpayments Online Wallet Free Multiple Wallets
Atomic Wallet Offline Wallet Free Multiple Wallets

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets are use to store your cryptocurrency. There are many cryptocurrency wallets both offline and online.

Multi Signature Wallet

Multi signature walletare cryptocurrency wallets offers multiple wallets to store different kinds of coins. This kind of wallet is very convinient becauce you all your wallet address can be store in one place. They also offers cryptocurrency exchange for members who wants to echange and focus on a certain cryptocurrency.

Online Cryptocurrency Wallets

Online cryptocurrency wallet are websites that offers free service to store your cryptocurrencies. The advantage of online cryptocurrency wallets is that members don't need to update their wallet.

cryptocurrency online wallet

The disadvantage of online wallets is that, the site owner have all your cryptocurrency at his disposal. If they suddenly close down their website and make a run for it, you will lose all your coins. So be sure to only sign up to a known and trusted cryptocurrency online wallet.

Offine Cryptocurrency Wallets

Offline crytocurrency wallet are programs that store your cryptocurrencies. These programs need to be downloaded and installed into your computer. The advantage of offline wallets is that you are the only one who has access to your cryptocurrencies.

cryptocurrency wallet download

Just be sure to make a back of your offline wallet so even if your hard drive or computer stop working, you can still retrieve your wallet.

Making a backup is very easy using atomic wallet. Just save the 12 words that will be shown to you while your registering for the first time. If you have these 12 words and your computer broke down. You can retrieved your offline wallet by installing the atomic wallet using the installer and provide the 12 words in your back up.