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Crypto Mining Game

Earn bitcoin, dogecoin, litecoin, dash, ethereum and bitcoin cash while playing.

Crypto mining game is free to play bitcoin online rpg game. Players can choose many ways to earn cryptocurrencies. He can be a virtual miner, a trader, a collector, or a warrior.

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Virtual Miner

Virtual miner is the easiest job in the game. Players only need to mine their chosen cryptocurrency to star mining. But before you can mine you need mining power and you can get it in the World Tab. When the World Tab is open you can begin to collect the corresponding item for mining power which is the thunder icon. Just click the left mouse button and click send drone and you drone will collect it for you.


Eveerything thatg can be collected in the World Tab can be exchange in the market. Some of the tradable items are cards, cryptocurrencies, tokens and materials use for your drone upgrades. Before you can trade you will need a trading token which can also be found in the World Tab.


Being a collector is fun. You can choose to collect which items you want. It can be cryptocurrencies, mining power, tokens or cards. Collectors spends their time in the World Tab.


You will need strong sets of cards before you can battle it out with other players in the game. Cards are use for player versus player battle. There are many cards with different stats to choose from. It's up to you which card suit your fighting needs. Cards can be found in the World Tab or in the marketplace. Free random cards are rewarded to active players everyday. In order to attack other players you need to go to World Tab and click the player your going to attack and click the attack botton.

Hre are some cards that are often used in player versus player mode.

Cards have different stats and abilities. Some are good in boosting your job earnings, some are good for getting extra crystals, experience or chance to get bonuses in the game while collecting materials in the World Tab.

Players can also level up their cards to give the cards more boost in attack and HP. It also increase their abilities depending on the card's percentage increase per level up. Cards have 0.25% to 1% increase in their abilities.

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Tutorial Rewards

End the tutorial and earn 50 Energies, 100 XP and a Free Silver Crate!

Important Tips:

1. Finish the tutorial to earn free rewards and always do the quest to earn faster.
2. Click the edge of the map with the white arrow to see further into it.
3. You need energy so you can mine, collect and pk other players. Energy is replenish every 10 minutes adding 10 energy into your account.

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Rollercoin is a virtual mining game in which members mine cryptocurrency without using their computer's CPU of GPU. It is a simulation in which members takes the role of a miner.

To get free mining power, members need to play the mini games in the site. The more games you play, the larger the amount of mining power you will gain. Members need internet connection to play these games.

Members also can choose to invest by depositing their cryptocurrencies and buy mining power or mining hardware directly into the site.